I feel the government’s job is to protect us, its citizens, and so if they need to monitor transactions to do that, then I say go for it. But I see the other side. Ultimately there’s a fine line between surveillance and Minority Report.”

The Audacity of Payments

By Dan Ring at ACI Worldwide

“But I spend a lot of time talking to locals and just listening. And some of the best information comes when you’re just listening, when you let people take you on their own journey.”

Roadtripping Across the U.S. to Chronicle Life Outside the Financial Mainstream

Sarah Todd in The Atlantic

“JI stopped to chat with a couple itinerants in Portland, Maine, listened to them play music and bullshit. And as I was walking around Boston a week later, I ran into one of the young adults in the group, playing guitar on the street. It was a really surreal thing.”

Industry Influencer Q&A: Bailey Reutzel

Zooz Payments

“Turns out, when you ask people about money, they talk politics.”

FemTech Leaders Q&A