Calls For Submission

   Are you my family? 

In upstate New York, speaking with a middle-aged man that lives in an intentional community about how different my beliefs (politically, mainly) are from my immediate family’s, he asked, “Why are you so different?”

Casually he’s been studying if there’s anything that binds the people that grow up in Republican or Democratic echo chambers but yet aren’t persuaded to live by the same ideologies. And even more so, decide to carry on as polar opposites of the people they grew up around. He asks questions such as:

Are you the youngest, oldest or middle child?

Are your parent’s divorced?

What people, things or events inspired you the other way?

I’d like to expand upon that by carrying out interviews with people that find themselves very peculiar in thought when looking at their upbringing,  listening to people’s stories of what becomes many times the hardest relationship to forge after someone splits from the norm. Because maybe there’s something that binds us…

Please reach out to me at with the subject line: Are you my family? to start the conversation.