Author: Bailey Reutzel

5 Months, 48 States

I was told again and again that I needed more focus, a narrower topic, a question to be answered in every state. That was, most mentors said, the only way to get sponsors interested in the blog. And it’s solid advice. But I’m not going to do it. Journalism is about writing the story that’s there, not concocting your own version and finding the people, places and things to fit that narrative. Most editors will tell you to write the headline first, so you know where you’re going. But I disagree. I don’t want to be part of the echo chamber. You don’t forge the story at the beginning, the story reveals itself at the end. While I’d love all of this to fit nicely together so that I may make it into a book, that’s for fate to decide. I’m traveling around the country to study the broad topic of money and value, from central bank cryptocurrency to the volunteer community that fills water bottles for drug-induced festival goers to the waste that is a coal mine still burning under a ghost town… and that hasn’t even gotten me through the first month. As I see it, these stories are part of the growing postcapitalism movement that Paul Mason so remarkably wrote about in The Guardian earlier this month. Mason takes the words right out of my mouth,...

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